What is 242Food?

242Food is a web community to share information and resources about food, culture, wellness, and the environment in Nassau, Bahamas. Information and comments on 242Food will be utilized as a way of creating maps about what food systems look like in Nassau. These maps and the data used to construct them form the basis of the doctoral dissertation for Hilary Booker.

The content of the website is posted daily for public review and comment. Public review and commentary is important because it is the primary factor that will affect the shape of the maps that will be created. This means that participants in and members of this web community have a significant influence on how the food system in Nassau is represented through this research project and report.

This website is a resource for information about the places where food overlaps with culture, wellness, and the environment. It is additionally a place to meet and interact with other people who are interested in and passionate about similar issues.

The blogs on 242Food discuss different types of information about these issues and anyone can comment on the posts with text, pictures, videos, essays, poetry, artwork, music, or other forms of media that contribute to the discussion on the blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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A Bahamian Food Community

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